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The Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) governs our “fight or flight” response.


When there is SNS over-activity, then Stress hormones are released accelerating heart rate, constricting blood vessels, and raising BP.



VATA Body are naturally endowed with an overactive SNS. So Caffeine beverages can be very stimulating for their nervous system.



Choosing low or Non-Caffeinated beverages will calm the overactive SNS in a Vata Body, thereby helping to manage their BP naturally.

High BP reduces resting metabolic rate (RMR) causing weight gain.


RMR is the energy required to keep your body functioning at rest (breathing, circulating blood, organ functions etc.). RMR also accounts for nearly 70% of calorie burn. Weight gain can also happen as a side effect of some Beta blocker Pills for BP.


Kapha Body, with slower metabolic rate are naturally at higher risk of significant weight gain when they are affected by BP and on its medication.


By adding Mobile, Dry and Sharp Bio-characteristics to their Diet and Lifestyle like breathing exercises will charge up the metabolism and help to lose Weight.

High Uric Acid level in blood serum is a risk factor for Cardiovascular and Renal disease.


Further, accumulation of Uric Acid (UA) in the body can lead to problems such as Kidney stones and Gout. Uncontrolled BP increases Urate generation (from Adenosine breakdown) and reduces its excretion.


UA is the final product of Purine metabolism found in some foods like red meat. Some Anti-Hypertensive drugs including Diuretics, RAAS antagonists, and Beta blockers can increase the level of UA.


PITTA Body is most prone to UA imbalance. Practicing an anti- inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle, can correct or prevent Uric Acid imbalance.

Remember, your body is not your enemy.


People get so focused on weight loss, that they are willing to do harmful things that can backfire and cause serious health problems.


Some people may combine a Low-Carb with Low-Fat diet to help them drop weight faster.


Low-Carb, Low-Fat diet can easily lead to increased protein intake. Your body uses extra water to process protein, so consuming too much may contribute to dehydration and Excessive protein intake may also cause you to expel too much calcium in your urine, possibly weakening your bones, this may eventually increase your risk of osteoporosis.


Weight loss requires a personalized approach.

Hormonal imbalance during Menopause destabilizes the immune system which can lead to Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). When the immune system keeps attacking the joints, cartilage and bone, they get damaged (Autoimmune Disorder).


In the 1st stage, the Synovial membrane becomes inflamed. In the 2nd stage, the membrane thickens. In the 3rd stage, the cells of the membrane secrete enzymes that digest the surrounding bone and cartilage.


Pain Killers are stop gap, solutions. Personalizing your diet and lifestyle based on your Body type, can manage Premature Menopause and prevent progression to severe autoimmune condition like RA.


Oestrogen hormone plays an important role in keeping joints healthy and lubricated. Oestrogen levels start to fall at the onset of Menopause, leading to Inflammation and joint aches and stiffness.


In the absence of Oestrogen, adopting a personalized anti-Inflammatory lifestyle and diet based on your Body Type is the only way to reduce Inflammation.


For starters follow these simple tips


VATA Women: Stabilize your meal routine, use soft exercise like Isometric.


PITTA Women:  Avoid Inflammatory Lifestyle by removing acidic, sour and fermented foods from the diet.


KAPHA Women: Avoid Breakfast in the morning, and stop eating Dairy in the evening

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