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Sitting on a chair for a long time is considered a health hazard worse than smoking. Because it causes Lymphatic congestion and sluggish circulation leading to Inflammation, which impairs the body’s ability to process Insulin. This impairment further disturbs fat metabolism, causing weight gain.


Simple Personalised Lifestyle tips to reduce inflammation and lose weight in a sitting job.


VATA Body: Sweet and hot herbal drinks (ginger tea) during breaks will calm the nervous systems.


PITTA Body: Cooling drinks (coconut, butter milk) will reduce inflammation.


KAPHA Body: Sipping warm water all day will boost Sluggish Circulation.

A recent survey has revealed that up to 44% people gain weight during trips. Altered sleep and eating schedule during travelling can throw you off your routine.


Personalised Weight Management tips to stay on track.


VATA Body: Add Oil or Ghee to your foods before, during and after travel. Avoid Alcohol, choose Fruit mock tails.


PITTA Body: Avoid trying many different types of food at once like buffet. Opt for less spicy dishes.


KAPHA Body: Overeating may be tempting with so many food varieties, so focus on eating raw salads with spices before every meal.

If your post-breakfast sugar levels are abnormally high, then first review your sleep cycle and be aware of the stress hormone Cortisol, which can push up sugar levels.


Cortisol naturally starts to secrete around 3 AM, so that it can wake us up after a good sleep. But a body under stress will have Cortisol circulating already, compounded with secretions from 3 AM, forcing us to wake up early.


In Diabetics with Vata bodies, the sympathetic nervous system is naturally hyperactive and prone to stress, so meditation before sleep can help you relax and bring down cortisol to natural levels, preventing post-breakfast sugar spikes.

You would have seen mineral build-up inside the water pipes due to hard water, restricting the flow. A good plumber will clean and address the root cause (Hard water) rather than changing the pipeline as scaling will continue.


Similarly, excessive intake of Sodium/Salty, hard foods builds up scales insides the blood vessels (accumulation of Lipids) and blood will need more pressure to travel through the blood vessels leading to High BP.


In such cases, BP patients can clear out the scaling and avoid further scaling with a Lifestyle (Nutrition + Habits) that is according to their Body Type.

Majority of working moms have unpredictable eating schedule, poor meal choices, or miss meals entirely, resulting in multiple vitamin deficiency.


Ancient Indian Body Science says that vitamin assimilation and absorption varies for different Body Types.


VATA Body: prone to Fatty vitamin deficiency disorders, so consume fats like dairy, nuts, meat, fish etc. more to naturally gain these vitamins.


PITTA Body: Go for Bitter, astringent tasting vegetables & fruits, to give you the watery vitamins B and C to cool your heating body.


KAPHA Body: Adding spices like turmeric, cumin will help in better absorption of vitamins from your food.

Fruit are high in Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber, but low in Calories & Fat . Eating them increase fullness and reduces calorie intake.


Fruits Contains Polyphenols, which can help curb hunger cravings between meals.


But, beware that Fruits also contains Sugar.


When it comes to choosing fruits for your Weight Loss Plan, Season & Body Type are the most important factors.


Vata Body : Prefer Sour taste Fruits (Oranges, Grapes).


PITTA Body : Prefer Astringent taste Fruits (Apple, Pomegranate).


KAPHA Body : Prefer Sour or Astringent taste Fruits ( Plums, Jamun (Blueberry), Cherries).


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