Success Story Of Our Client

Reversal Of
Pre-Diabetes, Naturally

Umesh who is working with a Pharma company was struggling to bring his blood sugar in control for 17 years. Now with the help of NutriMap he was able to control his blood sugar levels within 4 weeks.


Nutrimap Story

How Can We Make
Health Affordable

How can we make health affordable to the common man? We were sure that whatever the answer is, Technology like Tele-Medicine would play a big part in it.


Know Body Type

Know Your Body Type

We use simple Self Assessment forms to understand the Physical, Psychological and Lifestyle of our NutriCandidates.

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Reclaim your health, naturally

“Unbelievable”, “Incredibly Simple”, “Highly Effective”, “Inexpensive” are some of the expressions our NutriChamps use regarding their Health Transformation with NutriMap.
We have reversed, managed and cured a broad spectrum of ailments and diseases like Allergies, Yeast infections, High Blood Pressure, Lifestyle diseases like Diabetes, Obesity, Gout and Hormonal imbalances like Thyroid issues.

They have taken control of their health, you can too!!

By identifying the root cause of their health issues along with their Ayurvedic Body Type, we are able to resolve the symptoms from the source by stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanism. Our Nutri Candidates experience holistic health transformation beyond their health goals, and learn ways to take control of their health.

Our Philosophy

The NutriMap Philosophy

Cure the source and not the symptoms

Every Human body is unique

Food is both a medicine and poison

You are in charge of your health

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