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Online Privacy Policy

Your right to privacy is very important to us and we will always act in a responsible manner by providing at least as important as we do to our own personal data.

We will not provide any of your personal information obtained via the web or WhatsApp or other means to any other third party unless required to by law.

Whenever you provide sensitive payment information like UPI, Debit/credit card, we will ensure all reasonable steps are in place to protect it and not share any personal contact details to third parties. We will use all payment related information only for payment purposes.

If you visit any third party sites from links on our websites, then we encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third party sites, since we do not own them.

You can unsubscribe from our email communications if you do not wish to receive them.

This privacy policy is subject to the general Terms of Use.

Our Privacy Obligations

NutriMap respects everyone’s privacy, so we strive to maintain the privacy and security of Medical and Health information records of every individual for whom we provide our services.


  1. Website means and includes
  2. We / Us / Owner/ NutriMap denote the owner, which is “NutriMap Healthtech Solutions”
  3. You/ User means and includes the accessor or visitor of the said website and includes end-users accessing the website.
  4. We shall use the word PHI for “Personal Health Information”.
  • In order to provide you our services, you will need to disclose all the required information about your health condition and diagnostic reports etc., hence we require your authorization, to use or disclose PHI. When you answer questions about your health in our WhatsApp, Web Forms or to NutriDoctor or Health Counsellor, it is understood and accepted that NutriMap has your consent and authorization to use and disclose PHI to provide our services to you.
  • We will only disclose your PHI to our NutriDoctors or Health Counsellors who require the PHI to prescribe or explain the line of treatment or therapy to you.
  • We shall not disclose your PHI to any other third party who does not have a need to know.

Marketing Communications

We will never use your PHI for any marketing materials without receiving a written authorization from you, like a testimonial release or a case study.

Giving a Testimonial will never be a precondition to receive our service. We will also never use your PHI for mass marketing purposes.

For any disclosure in the public domain, we will ensure the PHI Info is only superficial and your personal references will be masked, unless you agree to release your photo or name.


We may use and disclose your PHI to our Management to resolve any disputes, complaints to ensure you get the highest quality service from us.

Required by Law

We may disclose your PHI for the following requests

  • From any judicial or administrative proceedings
  • From the police or other law enforcement officials
  • From a coroner or medical examiner as authorized by law;
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