NutriMap Weight Management Program

Weight Loss Program

NutriMap’s weight loss program is a highly personalised regimen that helps to lose or gain weight naturally without much changes to your existing lifestyle or diet. We do this by understanding your body constitution very deeply. Since our program is majorly nutrition based, it’s naturally a sustainable approach which has proven to form healthy food habits that is unique to your body and its needs. 


Weight loss Program
(Obesity-BMI more than 30)

Who is this program for?

This weight loss self -management program is specially designed for you, if

Weight Management Program
(overweight - BMI more than 25 but less than 30)

Who is this program for?

This weight loss self -management program is specially designed for you, if

Weight Gain Program (BMI below 18)

Who is this program for?

This weight loss self-management program is specially designed for you, if


What can you expect from these programs?

We do not prescribe any medicines, pills, or supplements to get results.

Key Features

Personalized Weight Management Program

Why personalized weight management?

Obesity is part of metabolic syndrome and is a major lifestyle disorder throughout the world.

Current diet plans and drug treatments for obesity/ being overweight show unsustainable results in body weight with the risk of major adverse effects.

An optimal diet to treat obesity should be safe, efficacious, healthy, and nutritionally adequate, culturally acceptable and economically affordable, and should ensure long-term compliance and maintenance of weight loss.

Personalised care is a patient-centric approach rather than disease-centric.

The idea of personalized care is that each NutriCandidate receives the management plan best suited to their health goals. This means implementing a diet strategy that is perfectly tuned to the individuals’ preferences, their Prakriti which is Ayurveda based body composition, specifically targeting potential health risks and unique underlying disease pathophysiology.

Weight management assessment questionnaire

It is equally important to know an individual’s food habits and lifestyle to understand the reason for their weight gain or not gaining enough weight.

Our questionnaire approach is an efficient way to know vital information and understand the root cause. This helps us to assess well-defined specific activities associated with weight control.

Root cause analysis

What is the root cause of disease? According to Ayurveda, disease is often the result of long-term continuation of unhealthy lifestyle and can be detected and addressed at the early stage of development; hence prevention being better than a cure.

People with obesity are prone to various metabolic disorders such as Hypothyroidism, PCOD, Diabetes, Hormonal imbalances. etc

Root cause analysis helps to resolve the weight issues decisively and reduce the number of unnecessary weight-related Complications and prevent its progression to next stages. It also improves patient well-being.


Now you can take charge over your health issues wherever you are, from the comfort of home.

Talk to our doctor over the phone or video chat. Send and receive messages from your doctor using chat messaging, email, secure messaging, and secure file exchange.

Limiting physical contact increases convenience and at the same time reduces time, money and risk of infections like COVID-19.

Functional food plan

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of weight-loss strategies, diets, potions and devices have been offered.  But the actual percentage of individuals who lose weight and successfully maintain at the same levels has been estimated to be a very small 1 to 3 percent.

Our Diet plan includes functional foods which help to promote weight management and prevent obesity and its metabolic consequences.

Since diet is a part of our daily life, just following our healthy diet plan keeps away undesired weight gain or weight loss and makes your health goal really sustainable.

Food plan features:

Weight Management FAQs

Frequently ask Questions

Minimum duration is 3 months, it may or may not take longer depending upon individual health concerns.

Absolutely not! We do not promote any kind of medicines and supplements.

Yes of course, our programs are curated and monitored by doctors. Your assessment is also done by doctors. You can always consult your family physician if you wish to while on our program.

Yes, our Health councillor will be in constant touch with you and monitor your progress. Whenever you feel low, you can always connect with our team to boost your motivation. Our programs are highly personalised, which means that you are treated based on your lifestyle, preferences and work schedule.

A noticeable change in health parameters such as improved digestion, sleep quality, high energy levels, and most importantly significant loss or gain in weight. For weight loss, significant inch loss is seen and in weight gain, healthy muscle building is a common outcome.

Weight loss process should be gradual. Losing 4-5 kg over a period of 2 months and then keeping it at the same level under the supervision of a consulting doctor/nutritionist is advisable.

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