Diabetes and Stress: Know the Facts

Stress and Diabetes

Stress plays an important role in the onset of diabetes. It also has a damaging effect on your sugar control. 

Research indicates that persistent stress is a cause of Diabetes. Stress impairs the digestive fire, leading to an increase in the production of catabolic hormones that causes Insulin Resistance and Hyperglycaemia (high sugar in blood). Stress also hampers sugar control in spite of diabetes treatment.  

Along with the physical constitution or body type (Prakriti) and health status of an individual, we need to look at the Stress profile of an individual before deciding a treatment line for Diabetes.

Stress is the major cause of many diseases. The list of diseases ranges from Hypertension to Diabetes.

Our NutriMap survey reveals that more than 69% of respondents feel stressed at least once a week.

While stress causes some people to break down, others with a calmer being are mentally strong enough to last through the added pressure, failure or disappointment. 

People with the dominance of Vata (Ectomorph) are more prone to stress-induced diseases. The occurrence of stress-induced diseases can be reduced through personalised stress management. Sweet taste can bring a calming effect to Vata body type.

Increased stress is a causative factor for weight gain

In a study, 70% of those interviewed reported an increase in food intake during stress.

Stress leads to changes in the circulating concentrations of cortisol, insulin, ghrelin, and leptin in our bodies. These hormones manage hunger and satiation (the end of desire to eat after a meal) cycles to control eating behaviour. Imbalances in their concentrations lead to weight gain.

People with the dominance of Kapha (Endomorph) body type are mentally strong; they can handle
stress very well. Correct the root causes for stress before planning a weight loss diet programme to prevent weight regain.

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Vinod Sadashivaiah, Founder Nutrimap. A pharmacist who believes nutrition is more powerful than medicine .

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