Weight Loss Need Not Be Painful. It Can Be Effortless and Natural


Weight Loss has become such a multi-disciplinary area today with Doctors, Nutritionists, Gym Instructors, Yoga Gurus and product companies all competing for their space. End result being the Been-There-Done-That feeling among weight loss candidates. They have tried it all, some program seem to work in the short term, but they put back the kilos lost soon afterwards.

Something is really amiss in this whole mix. Something that is fundamental to human body, which is every individual, is so different and what works for one can be harmful for others.

People run the rat race in Weight loss, take up programs that worked for their friend or a celebrity and often end up looking like they were taken for a big ride in the end.

In this article let’s try and analyse using some common questions as to why weight loss is not working for most. What body harms are overlooked in the pursuit of weight loss and what’s the missing link to make it really work and be able to maintain the right weight over the long term. 

Is age a barrier for successful weight loss?


Losing weight can also be done during senior years. But as we get older, we’re more likely to develop co-morbidities like Diabetes, Psychiatric problems (Depression and Anxiety) and Osteoarthritis.

Hence when we grow older, the focus should be on Medical Weight Loss, which is a term used for addressing underlying health conditions while at the same time assisting the body to lose weight.

5–10% -weight loss improves knee functionality, reduce risk of Depression & improves sexual health. While >15% weight loss improves their Glycemic profile (Blood sugar levels)

For example, a Medical Weight Loss program with Beans and Legumes can help lower the weight and at the same time improve blood pressure and reduce Triglycerides. 

Can replacing your meals with only Shakes, lead to long-term weight loss?


Shakes seems like a quick and convenient solution, but it is not sustainable and can be very damaging to our bodies over time. There are three important aspects neglected here.

Digestive Discomfort


Incompatible food combinations will not only disturb the digestion, but also cause confusion in the intelligence of our cells, causing symptoms like indigestion, fermentation, putrefaction and gas formation. It can further lead to Toxaemia and other diseases.

Nutritional Deficiencies


The Shakes have inherently lower nutritional quality than whole foods, because they lack beneficial substances like Antioxidants, Phytonutrients and Dietary fibre for the body to absorb.

Synthetic Ingredients


Meal replacement shakes are often loaded with artificial supplements, preservatives and stabilizers, which are synthetic ingredients not recognized by our body, and can cause irreversible damage. 

Which is the best weight loss program for India?

In India they say “every 2 kilometres the language and food habits changes’’. So there is no need to starve or have mono-diets designed by the western programs.

The 2 best weight loss programs from India are

Kapha Diet Plan


People with Kapha Body types have weak Digestive power. Their brain’s Hypothalamus region maintains a slower metabolism. This can lead to putting on weight easily. Here Catabolicnutrients that stimulates metabolism will help in losing weight.

Pitta Diet plan


For people with Pitta body types have high metabolic rate and strong digestive power. But when high digestive fire burns uncontrollably, the food chars forming “Ama” (impure waste produced by the body) and this in turn slows down the metabolism and clogs the body’s channels, leading to weight gain. Natural Ama Cleansing nutrients help in weight loss naturally.

What happens when you have lost weight artificially?

Sagging Skin is a common problem after weight loss since the Proteins collagen and Elastin that provide structural support for the skin are depleted. With a Rejuvenation and Detoxification Nutrition Therapy, we can stimulate these proteins to grow quickly.

Irregular Menstrual Cycle can be an undesirable outcome of weight loss. A balanced nutrition program tailored to counteract food cravings, Hormonal and metabolic changes should be considered as a corrective approach.

Weakened Immune System due to low availability of vital nutrients to the body during the weight loss program. The focus here should be to strengthen the body’s defence mechanism with immunity boosting nutrients, which do not result in weight gain.

How do I lose weight after I tried it all?

The real reason why Weight Loss programs don’t work for most is because it is not PERSONALIZED.

  1. One size fits all Diet will not work, because there is a wide variation in everybody’s insulin, blood sugar and blood fat responses to the same Diet. Choosing a weight loss programme without knowing your Body Type (constitution) is a major reason why it fails.
  2. Having a weak Digestive power will directly hamper our body’s metabolic functions including its fat burning capacity. Therefore, correcting the Digestive strength should be the first step.
  3. A generalized Calorie plan fails to take into account our seasonal requirements. Like in cold seasons Calorie intake has to be more to generate heat and maintain body temperature, while in summer lesser calories are enough.

Hence the secret to a sure shot weight loss is Personalization. There is no one size fits all solution. Every individual is different in terms of their body constitution and genetic make-up. Also natural nutrient rich weight loss program is healthier and sustainable compared to any medical or artificial foods induced weight loss that can lead to other health issues later in life.


Vinod Sadashivaiah, Founder Nutrimap. A pharmacist who believes nutrition is more powerful than medicine .

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