Understanding Diseases Using The Science Of Body Imbalance

Understanding Diseases Using The Science Of Body Imbalance

Your Prakriti or Body Type dictates which diseases you are more prone to. This kind of predictability is the beauty of the ancient Indian system of medicine. You may be aware of Vata, Pitta and Kapha as three Body Types classified by Ayurvedha, which we are born with. 

So if one lives according to his/her Body Type, which means having a diet and lifestyle favourable to each body type, then the body will always be in its natural balance, and it will gift us a long and disease-free life. 

External factors like weather, food and living habits etc. are capable of creating imbalances in our body which can progress into diseases. In this article, we take a closer look at some outward and visible signs of body imbalance. To know your Body Type here is a free tool.

Undesirable Body Weight


What does an increase in heaviness do to your body?

Excessive body weight is very dangerous and poses many health risks like Diabetes, Blood pressure, and Cardiac problems.

Obesity results from a complex interaction between an individual’s Body Type, Diet pattern and lifestyle.  It is characterized by slow metabolism, weak digestive power, sluggishness, lack of motivation, heaviness in the mind and body, and excessive sleep.

Kapha Body Types are prone to Obesity. They can prevent weight gain by adding nutrients that ignite the Digestive power and cellular metabolism.

 Body Fat Imbalance

Fat is the most concentrated source of stored energy, they function as a structural building block of the body, carries fat-soluble vitamins, and plays a vital role when it is in balance.

However Fat imbalance leads to the manifestation of many diseases and conditions like lethargy, tastelessness, anorexia, indigestion, urinary diseases, diabetes, disorders of fat metabolism, overweight, obesity, dyspnea, cough etc.

People with Kapha Body Types are at high risk of Fat/oil imbalance, which they can prevent by administering nutrients that induce the dryness quality into the body. 

Fasting and Lightness


Fasting brings about lightness in the body. Lightness decreases tissue, it makes your body weaker and thinner. That’s the reason it is not recommended for Vata Body Types.

If lightness is aggravated in Vata Body Type, it will lead to loss of body tissues leading to emaciation (choric weight loss). Pathological lightness creates dryness and can develop further into Osteoporosis (bone brittleness), even for young people.

Adding nutrients with heavy Bio-characteristic properties will correct the imbalances in Vata Body Type and prevent related diseases from developing in the body. 

Body Dryness & Kidney stone


For those who have had an occurrence of Kidney stone, its recurrence can be prevented by knowing the Dietary Dryness score?

Dehydration is the primary reason for Kidney stones. The fluid in our urinary system prevents waste products from coming into contact with each other. But certain foods and lifestyle habits increase dryness over a long period leading to the reduced quantity of urine and sedimentation of salt.

Vata Body Type individuals are naturally prone to body dryness. If they eat excessive dry foods unknowingly (like millet, bread and fibre rich foods), exercise heavily or fast for a long period then their dehydration accelerates and painful Kidney stones form.

Simple dietary changes will help the body stay hydrated and remove stones. They will help to prevent recurrence as well.



An increase in body heat is a potential biomarker of ill health. Keep an eye on your body temperature.

Pitta Body Types are more likely to suffer from body heat imbalances. Burning sensations throughout the body, irritated skin, stinky sweat, Inflammation, Hot flashes, and Excessive thirst are all symptoms of heat imbalance.

Unmanaged heat can lead to problems with the stomach and digestion. Excess heat can also char the digested foods which deliver poor quality nutrition for the tissues. 

Skin Infection


The stratum corneum (the outer layer of your skin) should contain more than 10% of water for your skin to look normal.

Stratum corneum hydration has an important role in skin function such as regulating body temperature, gathering sensory inputs from the environment, storing water, fat, and vitamin D, and playing a role in the immune system protecting from the disease.

To maintain healthy skin, the phenomenon of water loss and replenishment should be balanced.

Pitta Body Types are prone to excess body heat and dehydration in summer. 

We often take our body for granted only to regret it later. Start prioritising your health. Very often, our bodies give us loud and clear signals when we abuse it. Not necessarily only with alcohol or cigarette, but also with wrong food and lifestyle. 

How Hot summers and heatwaves affect various individuals


People with Pitta Body Types are more likely to suffer from body heat imbalances in summers.

For Pitta Body, excessive heat can increase the onset of dryness leading to dry and itchy skin conditions like eczema or dry coughs.

Whereas, hot summer can be very balancing for those with Strong Kapha dominance who may feel more energised during the summer.

Bringing about balance means eating or doing things that are opposing the imbalances created within. Like in summer we take cooling foods to beat the heat and if our skin is dry we should keep it moist.

By adding the balancing nutrients to our diet, we are further strengthening our body and immune system to keep us disease-free and healthy.


Vinod Sadashivaiah, Founder Nutrimap. A pharmacist who believes nutrition is more powerful than medicine .

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