How I controlled my blood sugar level within 4 weeks, naturally


About the NutriCandidate

Umesh is working for a drug information system in Bangalore, aged 49 years and was struggling to bring his blood sugar in control for 17 years, he had developed multiple health issues like muscle pain, lethargy, joint pains and sleeplessness along with weight gain.

He was referred to Nutrimap by a friend. He decided to give it a try. The NutriMap team went to work quickly mapping his Ayurvedic body type and understanding other parameters of his health. His information were analysed and the outcome was shared with a NurtriDoctor specialized in Diabetes management therapy. A tele consultation was scheduled with the NutriDoctor and, it was conducted in his preferred language, Kannada. The Doctor asked questions to uncover the Root Cause of his elevated blood sugar levels and studied his lab reports.

Our Findings

Root cause Analysis

He was classified under insulin resistance diabetes, due to high insulin resistance the blood sugar was not in control further the Glycemic load of his daily food was above 60.

Our Solutions

Functional nutrition

A tailored made diet was prescribed according to his pitta body type, the line of treatment recommend were nutrients with Low glycimeic index and Load. Walking and yoga was recommended as a lifestyle change.

The Outcome

He was able to control his blood sugar levels within 4 weeks, Naturally. He took control of his blood sugar levels with help from NutriMap.



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