How Functional Nutrition Helped Beat Lethargy and Increase Energy Levels


About the NutriCandidate

Shrikant Multhalli, aged 49 years, Zonal Head at a Pharma multinational, used to feel tired always, doze off in Zoom meetings, and was less productive, which caused him a lot of worry and stress. He had trouble sleeping well, because of which he had developed dark circles around his eyes.

After consulting with several doctors and taking medications, his health did not improve. So he decided to give NutriMap a try. He went thru NutriMap’s unique diagnosis methodology of identifying Shrikant’s body type, understanding other parameters of his health, digestive index, lifestyle and food habits.

His information were analysed and the outcome was shared with a NurtiDoctor. A tele consultation with the NutiDoctor helped uncover the Root Cause of his lethargy and low energy levels.

Our Findings

Root cause Analysis:

Having a Pitta (Mesomorph) body type, he had inflammation and poor digestion, so the nutrients were not getting absorbed by the cells.

Our Solution

Functional Nutrition:
NutriDoctor suggested nutrition and diet according to his body type for cooling and cleansing the body, and foods to revitalize his metabolism.


Within 15 days of following the prescribed therapy, his digestive power got corrected and revitalized. His body was getting the right nourishment and his energy levels went up beyond what he had never experienced before. Also, the dark circles disappeared.

His colleagues and team were surprised to see a fully charged up manager, and his productivity by
his own evaluation improved by more than 3 times.

Watch the video to hear his story.

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