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About the NutriCandidate

This story is not about a celebrity losing weight, it’s about a middle-aged housewife, 49, from Bangalore, just like most of us. She was struggling with her weight for more than 5 years and had lost her self-confidence and lots of money too, trying several weight loss programs.

She was referred to Nutrimap by her friend. She decided to give it try even though she wasn’t sure it would help. The NutriMap team went to work quickly mapping her Ayurvedic body type and understanding other parameters of her health.

Her information were analysed and the outcome was shared with a NurtriDoctor specialized in weight loss therapy. A Tele consultation was scheduled with the NutriDoctor and was conducted in her preferred language, Kannada. The Doctor asked questions to uncover the Root Cause of her weight gain.

Root Cause Analysis

Having a Kapha body type, she was hampering her metabolism by drinking coffee three times a day. Coffee doesn’t suit Kapha body types. Due to this there was increased fat accumulation around the abdomen.

Our Solution

Functional Nutrition:

She was asked to abstain from coffee. The first line of losing weight were nutrients that heat up the body, which breaks down the accumulated fat. Next step was to improve digestion and the last step was to Scrape out the loosened fat out of the body.

She was able to lose weight naturally and lost 4 kgs in the first month itself. She regained her confidence and zest for life.

NutriMap uses Technology like WhatsApp to reach out to whoever is keen on taking charge of their health.



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