Curing Persisting Problem of Low Saliva, Pain and Dryness of Mouth & Throat


About the NutriCandidate

Nagaraj Joshi, aged about 49 years, runs a successful pre-school. He has plans to scale his franchisee
business, but due to severe pain in his throat he was struggling to speak. He was also having difficulty in swallowing food.

He had tried many Allopathic and Homeopathic treatments, but his problems of low saliva secretion, dryness and pain persisted. There seemed to be no solution to his problems because no one could identify the reason for his condition.

He gave NutriMap a try because we approach problems differently. The team went to work quickly mapping Nagaraj’s body type and understanding other health parameters and food habits. His information were analysed and a NurtiDoctor had a Tele consultation in his preferred native language, Kannada. The Doctor asked questions to uncover the Root Cause of his throat pain and dryness.

Our Findings

Root cause Analysis:
There was an imbalance in his Pitta (Mesomorph) body type, disturbing the channels transporting water as well as thirst regulating centres causing dryness in palate, lips, tongue.

Our Solution

Functional Nutrition:

He was asked to eat beets for next 15 days and also include bitter vegetables in his diet for 45 days. He started the therapy and regularly shared images of his diet (beetroot chutney with rice) on WhatsApp. He followed the other personalised nutrition recommendations suggested in his NutriMap report.


Within a month he was able to speak without pain. His saliva secretion was corrected and with that his pain was cured.

Watch and listen to Nagaraj’s story, in his own sweet voice.

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